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Favourite palettes of May

For the first time since I started this monthly series (not to mention the blog), my top three eyeshadow palettes for the month share a motif — pink. While pink, especially soft shades of rose, is always welcome to my eyelids, it was my de facto go-to colour for this past month of May. It makes for a perfect transition between the watercolours of Spring and the deeper magentas and other warm colours of Summer. Already I’m feeling like embracing colour in all its glory.

Happily for myself and fortunately for my dear readers, all mentioned palettes are available for purchase or at least have not yet reached discontinued status.

Tasty Coconut

I Heart Revolution‘s ‘Tasty Coconut’ 18-pan palette is, without a doubt, my most used and loved palette of the month. Like her sisters in the Tasty line, it features mattes and shimmers housed in a plastic package, topped off with a silicone-smooth lid where the illustration is raised and detailed. It is cruelty-free and vegan. This palette comes with a mirror and no fragrance. In my opinion, the Tasty palettes share the same quality across the board, with easy to blend mattes and smooth shimmers, albeit with minor fallout. They are good choices for beginners and experienced makeup users alike.

‘Tasty Coconut’ includes a decent variety of colourways, allowing for a few monochromatic looks or combined ones. While I am, again, more partial to the pinks, I also enjoy the neutrals and the purples, which come with a warning against use in the immediate eye area, yet do not stain my skin. The only shade I think is missing is an intermediate green, as the shade ‘Palm’, though useful to compensate for the darkness of ‘Coir’, is more yellow-oriented than the latter.

I Heart Revolution’s Tasty Coconut palette external view.
I Heart Revolution’s Tasty Coconut palette internal view.

All in all, this is such a beautiful palette for summertime. It is one of those products that has got a fantasy attached to them, a whiff of a tropical breeze, something to include in your baggage ahead of a getaway.

If you are a fan of coconut, it might interest you to know IHR has recently expanded upon their tasty line: besides the previously released palette, you can now choose between a conditioning mascara, a coconut milk primer, a hydrating fixing spray, a brow oil and three nudie pink shades of lip gloss. (One sheet mask, tubs of lip scrub and lip mask and a baking powder have been available for some time, though the latter is more of a shade name than part of the collection’s branding).

As a helpful reminder, you do not have to buy any of Revolution’s products for full price (though the values are reasonable as they are), as sales are commonplace both at the official website and across stockists.

Garden Party

Wet n Wild’s Garden Party quad.

This palette is part of ‘Bloomin’, Wet n Wild‘s gorgeous, gorgeous Spring collection. I normally go for more standard size 9-to-18-pan palettes, but I cannot deny the quick and easy, not to mention portable, appeal of quads and quints. As far as trends go, I’m late to the game, as mini palettes were all the rage between 2020 and 2021, but that does not bother me. ‘Garden Party’ is a beautiful and concise rose colourway, comprised of two mattes with minor gold shimmer, one shimmer and one pressed glitter. Many people hate pressed glitter in their palettes, but I am not one of them, even if I understand the presence of one might render a quad into a trio. There is no indication of the quad being either vegan or cruelty-free, but it is made in the PRC, hence I think not.

The shimmery specks in the mattes do not bother me. I don’t think they’re visible upon application. They suffice in giving the eyelid a gradient effect. Finishing with the shimmer, you get a monochromatic and romantic look. There were times I was not satisfied with only these three colours and needed to pair up ‘Garden Party’ with the following top choice for May. The glitter is finely crushed but not the smoothest I have experienced, though I cannot speak of roughness either.

For the way I like to do my eyes, I feel this palette is only missing another shimmer to attract more light into the eye. This being said, no, I would not prefer it in lieu of the glitter because, for a Sparrow, I can be quite the magpie. It would have been better if Wet n Wild had turned this quad into a quint instead.

This quad is available in Europe via Boozyshop.

Miss Bliss

Number three on this month’s podium is Colourpop‘s ‘Miss Bliss’ 9-pan palette, released two years ago as part of the Tie Dye collection, which is, surprisingly, still going strong in spite of poor, initial reviews.

Another mention with a pressed glitter, this palette combines orange and pink to wear mixed up or as trios. I bought all three Tie Dye palettes for 2020’s Black Week sale, thinking they would be great companions to their sisters in the monochromatic series that comes encased in plastic. I was not wrong — if ‘In a Trance‘ provided me with the two perfect shades to swap with the white and the glitter in the ‘Elsa‘ palette, while ‘Aura & Out’ (removed from the catalogue) makes for a bridge between ‘Uh-Huh Honey‘ and ‘Just my Luck‘, then ‘Miss Bliss’ proved useful in making up for what Wet n Wild’s ‘Garden Party’ is lacking!

Colourpop’s Miss Bliss palette external view.
Colourpop’s Miss Bliss palette internal view.

Again, just because my May was full of pink, that does not mean I do not care for the orange side of this palette. These are not unique shades either in my collection or Colourpop’s catalogue, but the mashing of the two colours together in a single palette may be of interest to neutral lovers who are looking for a bit of colour they can manage with ease. If pressed glitter is something that just gets on your nerves, you can always remove it, as Colourpop’s pans are more often than not magnetised.

Currently, ‘Miss Bliss’ is out of stock, but with an option for receiving restock notifications. As Colourpop had a 30% off sitewide sale between last week and yesterday, several eyeshadow palettes are currently out of stock.

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