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Favourite palettes of June

I know this post is arriving late on this, the hottest day of the year so far, still, I did not want to skip a month. For some unknown reason, June was lacking in excitement for eyeshadow palettes, and I found myself reaching for only a couple of them in a loop — so much so that, instead of the typical top three, only two palettes are worthy of being called monthly favourites this time. Could I have chosen a third one just for the maths? Yes, but that would have been insincere.

Swear by It

I bought this palette years ago, upon a recommendation by Kathleen Lights (in this video right here). Admittedly, for a while, I was mad at myself for having done such a thing as to spend high-end money on a product that is considered drugstore when, at the time, there were plenty of Too Faced palettes calling my name — and though I feel I grew out of this brand, the point does stand. NYX and Milani being drugstore brands is a fact most difficult to wrap my head around. Nevertheless, I calmed my nerves and justified this palette’s hefty price with the reasoning that follows.

NYX’S ‘Swear by It’ palette contains 40 shades of eyeshadows within the red, yellow, green and blue colour families, supplemented by neutral options. Each pan contains exactly 1 gram of product. It is not advertised as vegan or cruelty-free, as it contains carmine.

It’s a very beautiful jewel-toned, Autumn-inspired palette, which includes shades of blue I am not sure I own elsewhere. The quality of it is great, that’s undeniable, but the so-called metallics are not very metallic at all, indeed they perform just like standard shimmers in what is, otherwise, a matte-heavy palette. Thus, I wore ‘Swear by It’ in conjunction with other palettes, mostly quints from Colourpop, so as to manage fully monochromatic looks, which are my favourite. This is not to say it needs external support; it suffices if your preferred look is something effective and down-to-Earth.

Am I regretful that I bought this palette? No, I can’t say I am. When all is said and done, ‘Swear by It’ is a beautiful palette that is inclusive of tones I do not own elsewhere, and I can justify its price tag when I consider the quality, shade range and weight together. The hefty price tag, though hardly apt for the drugstore, makes sense if you look at this palette’s characteristics as a whole and see it as a potential investment.

Ice Cream Dream

Even if the month of June was boring in palette numbers, it was much fun for me regarding looks. Out of my comfort zone, I felt like experimenting with bright colours and incorporated two or three different families in the same look. Yellow, orange and pink. Mint and lavender. Such combinations may not be brilliant and original, but they sure are different enough for me to get excited about. This I did mostly with Glamlite’s ‘Ice Cream Dream’ and the ABH Norvina palettes, all bursting with colour.

I could use an ‘Ice Cream Dream’ right now. The palette contains 30 shades inspired by popular ice cream flavours and scents, mattes and shimmers of both standard and marbled textures. It is vegan, cruelty-free and advertised as hypoallergenic. The lid is decorated with a cone foil and 3D sprinkles on top. To round off the cuteness, it comes boxed in a novelty ice cream truck package. The latter is currently sitting inside my wardrobe, but I used to have it on display for summer.

As someone who had Glamlite palettes before (‘Street Taco’ and ‘Viva Taco’), I found no difference in how ‘Ice Cream Dream’ performs, but the formulation must be different indeed, for it remains dry, while the oils in the others leaked around the cardboard. This is not necessarily indicative of danger, but it is bothersome nonetheless.

The colours are the stars of the show. I love how varied they are for a rainbow palette, combining pastels with deeper shades and neutrals, meaning someone like me, who does not make it a habit to combine different colours, can still do something more monochromatic or in combination with the neutrals. The pastels I definitely do not own elsewhere — if you are looking for affordable pastels to add to your collection, I would recommend the ‘Pastels’ palette by By Beauty Bay, which is currently on sale. Otherwise, Glamlite’s palette is a solid one, albeit more expensive, if you want the shimmers and additional shades too. I have a large collection of eyeshadow palettes and this one stands the test of time out of it being so different; I can imagine it being even more special if you keep your beauty collection more curated than mine.

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