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New dupes by Technic Cosmetics and W7 Makeup

Preface: This post is purely informative and not sponsored. None of the brands mentioned gifted or paid me to talk about them.

Technic Cosmetics and W7, two British powerhouses for low-cost makeup, have recently released their eyeshadow dupes for ABH, Huda Beauty and even Kevyn Aucoin, and I have been waiting for them to become available outside of their respective websites (thus, to continental Europeans as well) to let you know all about it. I am *not* purchasing any of the mentioned products, still, there is some value in spreading information, is that not so?

Dupes for Anastasia Beverly Hills

Timeless curations do not go to waste. ABH palettes are probably the most duped ones out there, right after Urban Decay’s original ‘Naked’. Or so I would imagine. For the Winter holidays of 2021, Anastasia released ‘Primrose’, an updated take on the brand’s traditional elongated palettes, made slimmer and longer, as two of the usual dozen shades were turned into blushers. It took a while, but W7 has finally released ‘Rosé All Day’, their dupe for it, though the pink and purple shades seem darker than the original ones, going by images published to the brand’s social media. At least it is advertised as a multiuse palette, which is fairer than Anastasia’s calling ‘Primrose’ an all-in-one palette in spite of no second face product category being offered. There is no short degree of audacity in calling something decidedly not inclusive an all-in-one product.

I no longer buy from ABH so I would recommend the dupe every time, even more so considering the colour story consists of widely available shades. ‘Rosé All Day’ is available at W7’s website for £7.95. In the continent, you can buy it from Boozyshop for €10.49, but I’d recommend Maquillalia instead, where the palette sells for just €5.99!

Dupes for Huda Beauty

Both W7 and Technic fancy duping Huda Beauty palettes. This time, they chose different items to work with, the former the ‘Wild Obsessions’ series and the latter ‘Rose Quartz’, which was Huda’s large release of 2021.

Sadly, as a collector of Huda’s palettes, which might easily be my favourite of all time, I have not been able to purchase ‘Rose Quartz’ yet. Perhaps next year. ‘Unconditional’ is easily the most intriguing palette out of the bunch, as it seems very promising, though it’s three shades shorter. Technic even kept the odd formulation of pearls-of-pigment-suspended-in-balm for their rendition of the Love Stone shade, as they had done before for the texture’s shameless debut in Huda’s ‘Naughty Nude’. Kudos to Technic for testing their duping abilities to the limit!

As a collection, ‘Wild Obsessions’ includes four palettes. Three of them (‘Chameleon’, ‘Jaguar’ and ‘Python’) received the dupe treatment as ‘Toucan’, ‘Panther’ and ‘Python’, respectively. Huda’s ‘Tiger’ is conspicuously absent. I imagine three reasons as to why. Consisting of a mixture of warm neutrals and golds, W7 might have thought it easy to dismiss. Maybe the yellow-to-pink duochrome that takes a central position in the original palette was inconceivable to dupe for some reason. Or perhaps the dismissal has something to do with ‘Tiger’ being, at least at the time of release last year, an item that is exclusive to (This being said, I did see it sell at Sephora Portugal for a good while.) I own all originals, so feel free to ask for my review or swatches in case you’re undecided.

W7’s ‘Jungle Colour’ series is available at the official website for £5.25. Keeping in with GBP, all three palettes cost you £15.75, while the Huda palettes are available from Boots at £27 apiece. You can buy them from Maquillalia at €3.49 apiece. As for Technic’s ‘Unconditional’, it is priced at £6 and I have yet to see it come to any continental stockist.

Dupes for Kevyn Aucoin

Finally, W7’s newest dupe release consists of four palettes dubbed ‘Amplify’ — Drama, Unmistakable, Knockout and Power Trip — each containing 5 pressed powders, of which 1 or 2 are shimmers or glitters, and a coordinating liquid eyeshadow. The palette layout immediately made me think of the Kevyn Aucoin‘s ‘The Emphasize Eye Design Palette’, and I was not wrong. W7’s colours are very much dead on dupes, judging from photographs only, or otherwise intentionally as similar as could be.

I am a bit confused as to the timing of release, seeing as Aucoin’s palettes are 3 years old at this point, and I see W7 tending to prefer recent high-end releases to dupe. Even if the bronze and purple shades are forever, the package design is, in my opinion, dated. The embedded compartment for the liquid eyeshadow is something we once saw appearing in holiday sets from Too Faced or Tarte, but even these brands learned to make trays removable and drawers reusable. Accordingly, I would have preferred to see W7 change the palette layout and keep the liquid eyeshadow separate while part of a bundle — as powder products far outlast non-powder ones, you will have to endure an empty, useless pocket after you have used up the liquid eyeshadow.

The ‘Amplify’ palettes are available at W7’s website for £5.95 and at Maquillalia for €3.99. I would recommend them only if you care about the liquid eyeshadow as well. Otherwise, you can purchase identical shades contained in other all-powder, affordable palettes.

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