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Oden’s Eye x Angelica Nyqvist – ‘Hela’ eyeshadow palette

Disclaimer: I received this palette for free by winning a giveaway held by the brand.

Hela‘ is the newest eyeshadow palette release from Swedish brand Oden’s Eye. As part of the Legendary Diversa series, which partners with well-known influencers to create colourways inspired by deities and other beings of lore, they have now collaborated with fellow countrywoman Angelica Nyqvist to launch a palette inspired by the themes of life and death.

The palette contains 20 grams of product in 16 shades which span 3 different textures: 9 mattes, 6 shimmers and 1 multi-chrome, housed in a square the same size of previous large palettes from the brand, such as the original ‘Älva‘. The palette retails for €43.90, an uncommon but deserving price for an Oden’s Eye product.

A sleeve protects the palette proper. Both elements are made of cardboard and exhibit the same illustration, the only visual difference between them being the lack of saturation of the external image. The back of the sleeve contains the list of ingredients, which you might wish to keep for future reference. The illustration depicts Angelica as death personified, half her features are fleshy and alive, half are skeletal. Surrounding her are her mythological siblings. Floral and celestial details complement the picture.

Inside the palette, you will find a small-ish round mirror and a signature detail. The colourway is about half green, half pink, colours Angelica is routinely seen wearing in her videos. The greens evoke springtime with no effort. I saw the pink half receive more backlash on Instagram — however, as this palette was launched on Valentine’s Day, and seeing as these colours are complementary to each other, the inclusion of pink makes sense to me. There’s enough range of shades to do a monochromatic look, which is usually my go-to.

I have now used this palette as a standalone and in tandem with others — with Colourpop‘s ‘Sprinkle a Little Magic’ for an evergreen look; and with ‘Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas’ release, also from Colourpop, for a wider range of pinks. I have enjoyed it every single time, since the strong pigmentation of the shades does not make the blending process any harder. Look longevity was not a problem.

If I’m honest, I could not help but be a little thrown off by the price tag at first. The attachment to a public figure aside, I see no reason why ‘Hela’ should be more expensive than ‘The Norns’, which also contains 16 shades — though it’s true ‘The Norns’ is only 18 grams, it does contain an array of finishes as well, including multichromes, which in my opinion compensates for those two missing grams of product. The quality leap between ‘The Norns’ and ‘Hela’ is not that large to justify the price difference alone. I hope this release does not constitute a recurrent increase in price for future creations.

Nevertheless, ‘Hela’ is a tried and true beautiful palette with great quality and exquisite attention to design details, making it an interesting purchase for fans of Norse mythology, Angelica or alternative eyeshadow palettes.

As the time of publishing, ‘Hela’ is in stock, with the option of getting a complementary ribbon unavailable.


  • strong pigmentation
  • moderately easy to blend
  • cruelty-free and vegan
  • great attention to detail
  • high-priced
  • exclusive to the official website

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