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Nivea Cellular Luminous 630® serum

Back in January, I bought this in the hopes it would be a dupe for Caudalie‘s Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, which I had been using for three months straight, twice a day, with proven results. Price was the sole motivator here, as Nivea’s serum is about half the price of the Caudalie, for the same 30ml of product.

The Cellular Luminous 630® comes packaged in an opaque bottle with a pump, making it hard to see how much product remains inside. The product that comes out is coloured a ballerina pink, scented and of a lotion consistency, not a serum. The official Portuguese site for Nivea does not state a full list of ingredients, only Vitamin E and hyaluronic acid, preferring to focus on laboratorial testing — it contains forms of alcohol to thicken the formula, which might explain my experience with it, as someone whose skin is sensitive.

Differences in shape and form aside, I started by integrating the serum in my nighttime routine, analysing possible effects in the daytime. Nivea vouches for visible results in 4 weeks. In my previous experience with Caudalie, about 3 weeks were needed, not always counting on daily double applications. With the Cellular Luminous 630® serum, I actually noticed more redness surfacing my cheeks where I had applied the serum the night before, all other steps of my hygiene usual and known to me, making it clear who the culprit could be, upon three sequential days of application.

I cannot wear this serum for over a period of two days without noticing the exacerbation of the red spots. For what it’s worth, it serum did not enhance green/blue splotches, but this adverse effect is quite contrary to a “complexion correction” claim. Furthermore, though my skin is not normally sensitive to fragrance, I wonder if the parfum in the formula has any responsibility in the negative results. There is no chance I’ll take the words “visible results in 4 weeks” as a dare, lest my face hate me.

In the end, I much prefer the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and recommend it in lieu of the Nivea, in spite of the price. That one has a true serum consistency and a subtle fragrance; contains squalane, palmitoyl grapevine shoot extract, and no alcohol. Above all, the Caudalie I can make two daily applications out of as per the brand’s recommendation and notice an overall improvement over my skin’s cast, with cool tones minimised. Plus, Vinoperfect is vegan and contained in a glass bottle, making it recyclable.

For all reasons given above, I do not enjoy, do not recommend and will not be repurchasing this product.


  • emolient and pleasant to apply
  • not cruelty-free
  • not a dupe for vinoperfect
  • you had one job!

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