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The Natasha Denona €6.99 dupe

I am so excited to share this dupe discovery I made with you when passing the time in the company of my eyeshadow palettes. Recently, Makeup Revolution released a set of four 7-pan palettes originally made to be gifted when shopping from the official website and other stockists (Boozyshop allowed you to take your pick until the stock was gone; while Maquillalia is currently giving you the pink ‘Soft Luxe’ palette when you spend €80 throughout the catalogue). Nevertheless, you can shop these palettes on Revolution’s website, otherwise, there would be no point in writing this post.

The Revolution ‘Soft Focus’ palette contains 8 shades, including 3 mattes and 5 shimmers, arranged in a gradient. The mattes are embossed with a cushioned pattern that mimics the palette’s lid, this one coloured a shiny ballerina pink. It comes with a width-long mirror. The palette contains 9.6 grams of product and is cruelty-free. It retails for €6.99 and you can add it to your cart via this direct link, as the product appears to be hidden from search, though available.

Here is the exciting part: this inexpensive ‘Soft Focus’ palette is by no means perfect, but still fantastic dupe for Natasha Denona‘s ‘Glam’ midi-sized palette, which sells for a whopping €70. Of course, the chosen range reflects only part of what Denona’s 18-pan offers, with a few mid-tones and rosy shades left out. Nevertheless, Revolution offers you a full range of depth.

You can see my comparison swatches below. It’s in the shifting movement that you can spot the similarities, I feel like. The lightest shimmer and matte do not have a perfect companion in ‘Glam’, but the rest of the shades are pretty much there!

Glam and Soft Focus side by side.
Soft focus (top) versus Glam (bottom).

As for the formula, ‘Soft Focus’ is very much in line with other Revolution palettes I own. I would say the shimmers are the standard formulation of those sold underneath the I Heart Revolution child brand, while the mattes perform better than those of the same brand. I find this formulation more user-friendly than that of Natasha Denona, which can be finicky or demanding of a more experienced hand. Indeed, I prefer the mattes in the Revolution alternative. They are a tad more powdery and easier to blend. Denona’s shimmers are creamier and more impactful, however swatching these side by side produced long swatch lines with ease, and you can always resort to a spray to amp up your eyeshadows.

Not only is ‘Soft Focus’ a great palette in itself, a jewel hidden behind heaps and heaps of other releases by the British powerhouse; it also provides a concise and inexpensive dupe for a much-beloved high-end staple. Even more so when cool-tone neutrals are not as widely available as their warm counterparts, a scarcity which permeates drugstores options.

I am hoping you found this suggestion useful and entertaining.


  • curated dupe for nd’s glam
  • cruelty-free
  • pretty packaging
  • does not dupe all shades
  • not as creamy as the nd

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