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Favourite palettes of April

Before sharing this month’s favourite eyeshadows with you, a note.

Upon realising that it would be very likely that I might include products made by Colourpop in my monthly favourites henceforth, given my profound adoration for the brand (bridled only by one’s limited funds), and given the short calendar for which their products are live in the catalogue before getting replaced with new releases, a decision had to be made. Either I would exclude the brand as a whole, in which case my reviews and recommendations would not be totally sincere; or I would present alternatives to now-discontinued items whenever possible — I chose the latter, as I believe it to be a more useful option.

Looking at these palettes might rekindle your love for nearly-forgotten palettes or give you new ways of playing with your collection. Likewise, seldom is a colourway unique, so presenting discontinued palettes could also pique your interest in seeking a similar enough alternative. I will give you other options whenever I know these to be available, even if I cannot vouch for their duping or overall qualities from personal experience. To my fellow Europeans, I will link you to stockists operating within our continent.

On a Wing

Starting off with Colourpop, this quint was released as part of a set for Black Week 2021 (If Hue Like). ‘On a Wing’ features two plum mattes, as well as a midtone which translates into mauve on the lid, and two lilac shimmers. Following an intuitive use of all colours, the end result is soft with a touch of vampy. It is probably my favourite purple palette ever, as I have never felt so comfortable wearing purple lids while out in public. The quality is ever the same one from Colourpop, nailing the ease of deposition, strong pigmentation and efficient glitz trifecta.

‘On a Wing’ external view.
Me wearing Colourpop’s ‘On a Wing’.

It is no longer available as of March 2022. Looking through my Colourpop collection, I found no perfect dupe, but Making Mauves and Flutter By may appeal to you, even though they are of a more neutral disposition.

You may find nearly identical shade dupes in two big Huda Beauty palettes combined: Mercury Retrograde and Naughty Nude. That if you already own them. If you do not, and they sound interesting nevertheless, there will be no trouble finding dupes for them if you reside in the USA. Closer to home, London’s W7 has duped both, under the names Total Eclipse and Racy, respectively, and both palettes together should cost you no more than €14.

Lemonade Craze

A three-year-oldie but a goodie, Maybelline‘s ‘Lemonade Craze’ combines pink, coral and yellow tones in what is a very light palette for everyday wear. Hardly packing a punch, these dozen shades are still easy to build up and blend and not without versatility, as you can mix between the three colour families or pair it up with another affordable palette, a personal favourite of mine.

‘Lemonade Craze’ external view.

‘Lemonade Craze’ contains 8 mattes and 4 shimmers, one of them (‘Citrus’) a soft pink-to-yellow duochrome. It is one of Maybelline’s best, losing only to ‘Nudes of New York‘. You should acknowledge the difference in layout between my palette and the one that’ll pop up in search results within the European market. I know not how this elongated shape came to be; my ‘Lemonade Craze’ simply looks different because I purchased it alongside its counterpart, ‘Soda Pop’, from a private seller. To the extent of my knowledge, the latter never came to Europe, and I truly wanted to own the duo.

It’s available to purchase at LookFantastic.

Mint Pastel Obsessions

My third and final eyeshadow palette for April is Huda Beauty‘s ‘Mint Pastel Obsessions’ from the brand’s 2020 Spring release. The mint/rose/lilac trio did not impress beauty lovers inhabiting the digital space back then, and while I cannot argue its performance falls short of the previous Nude Obsessions collection, or the Haze Obsessions that followed, I cannot, likewise, review it negatively. But I’m biased towards Miss Kattan’s collectibles.

The shades in ‘Mint’ may require a bit more of elbow grease, seeing as they’re pastels, but I would argue they are very much aligned with other light shades from the brand. Pigmented enough, the four mattes are far from the intense pigmentation which was advertised two years ago, but still good to work with. On the other hand, the five shimmers, two of them swirls of marble, serve poorly on their own atop a bare eyelid but bless a coloured one with the celestial elegance of a luxury topper. They are fun to combine with mattes of other colours — though I wore the coral options of ‘Lemonade Craze’ for the day, I finished the look with the marbled shimmers. Is there anything *cooler* than a mint and pink combo?

‘Mint’ external view.
‘Mint’ internal view.

Unfortunately, we come full circle when it comes to product availability, as ‘Mint’ has been discontinued. In lieu of it, I give you two affordable alternatives: the first is Colourpop’s Mint to Be 9-pan, which for me is a companion to Huda’s, as it contains complementary darker shades of mint; the second is W7‘s shameless colour dupe Soft Hues – Aquamarine. As I do not own this one, I have no candid opinion to give, yet, based on what I have seen, the mattes should not be far off, though the shimmers do not hold a candle to those of Huda’s. At a humble €3, though, it would be incredibly petty of me to complain.

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