Dupe directory

It can be tricky to find dupes for high-end eyeshadow palettes in Europe. Thus, I compiled this list of dupes available throughout the continent or made in the USA and available to ship to European countries. It does not mean to be exhaustive in any way. Please keep in mind I have no way of knowing by experience how all listed palettes perform and compare to their expensive counterparts.

Palettes marked with an asterisk (*) denote items I own. I can attest to their similarities in cases where both original and dupe are marked with an asterisk. All other options are based on picture comparisons or work by YouTubers I watch and trust, such as Jen Phelps, Emily Noel, etc.

Feel free to request swatches of palettes I own.

Beauty Bay: Based in the UK.
Boozyshop: Based in the Netherlands.
Maquillalia: Based in Spain.
Notino: Based in the Czech Republic.

OriginalDupesWhere to buy
Anastasia Beverly Hills AmrezyW7 ShowoffMaquillalia, Notino, Boozyshop
Anastasia Beverly Hills Jackie Aina*CColor Dusk to DawnCColor
Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance*W7 Delicious (1)
Wet n Wild Rosé in the Air* (2)
W7 (1)
Maquillalia, Notino (2)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina*W7 Violet LightsMaquillalia, W7
Anastasia Beverly Hills PrimroseW7 Rosé All DayW7
Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera*CColor Cabana (1)
Technic Cosmetics Vacay (2)
W7 Whatever (3)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, Technic (2)
Maquillalia, Notino, W7 (3)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam*CColor Prestige (1)
Makeup Revolution Reloaded Velvet Rose (2)
Maybelline Nudes of New York (3)
W7 Romanced (4)
Wet n Wild My Glamour Squad* (5)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, Beauty Bay, Notino, MR (2)
Notino (3)
Maquillalia, Notino, Boozyshop, W7 (4)
Notino (5)
Anastasia Beverly Hills SubcultureMakeup Revolution Reloaded Division (1)
W7 On the Rocks (2)
Maquillalia, Beauty Bay, Notino (1)
Maquilallia, W7 (2)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry*Alter Ego Temptress (1)
CColor Feverish (2)
Makeup Revolution Reloaded Hypnotic (3)
W7 Seduced (4)
Alter Ego (1)
CColor (2)
Beauty Bay (3)
Maquillalia, Notino, W7 (4)
BPerfect x Stacey Marie Carnival IIIW7 Mardi GrasMaquillalia, Boozyshop
Charlotte Tilbury Icon (12-pan)Technic GoddessMaquillalia, Technic
Dominique Cosmetics Berries and CreamCColor Cherry 2CColor
Dominique Cosmetics LatteCColor Unisex 4CColor
Dominique Cosmetics LemonadeCColor Unisex 5CColor
Fenty Beauty Galaxy (LE)CColor Diamond (1)
W7 Metal Pop (2)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, Notino (2)
Huda Beauty Amethyst Obsessions*Technic Cosmetics HypnotiseMaquillalia
Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Caramel*Technic Cosmetics Salted Caramel (1)
W7 Sweet Brown Sugar (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Chocolate*Technic Cosmetics Chocolate Truffle (1)
W7 Sweet Coco (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Brown Obsessions Toffee*Technic Cosmetics Banoffee (1)
W7 Sweet Honey (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Coral ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 5CColor
Huda Beauty Desert Dusk*CColor Sundown (1)
W7 Dusk Till Dawn (2)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, Notino, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Electric ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 4CColor
Huda Beauty Gemstone ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 6CColor
Huda Beauty Mauve ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 3 (1)
Technic Cosmetics Intrigued (2)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia (2)
Huda Beauty Mercury Retrograde*CColor Galaxy (1)
W7 Total Eclipse (2)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Naughty Nude*Catrice Daring Nude (1)
Magic Studio Rebellious (2)
Technic Cosmetics Persuasion (3)
W7 Racy (4)
Notino (1)
Maquillalia (2)
Maquillalia, Technic (3)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (4)
Huda Beauty Neon Green ObsessionsW7 Vivid Wild GreenMaquillalia, Notino, W7
Huda Beauty Neon Orange ObsessionsW7 Vivid Outrageous OrangeMaquillalia´, Notino, W7
Huda Beauty Neon Pink ObsessionsW7 Vivid Punchy PinkMaquillalia, W7
Huda Beauty New Nude*Alter Ego Daydream (1)
Technic Cosmetics Invite Only (2)
W7 Socialite (3)
Alter Ego (1)
Maquillalia, Technic (2)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (3)
Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Deep*W7 Bare All RawMaquillalia, Notino, W7
Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Light*W7 Bare All ExposedMaquillalia, Notino, W7
Huda Beauty Nude Obsessions Medium*W7 Bare All UncoveredMaquillalia, Notino, W7
Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Lilac*Technic Cosmetics Blueberry Pie (1)
W7 Soft Hues Amethyst (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Mint*Technic Cosmetics Peppermint Cream (1)
W7 Soft Hues Aquamarine (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Rose*Technic Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple (1)
W7 Soft Hues Rose Quartz (2)
Maquillalia (1)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (2)
Huda Beauty Rose Gold*Catrice Orchid Dusk (1)
CColor Nightfall (2)
I Heart Revolution Chocolate Rose Gold (3)
Notino (1)
CColor (2)
MR (3)
Huda Beauty Rose QuartzTechnic Cosmetics UnconditionalTechnic Cosmetics
Huda Beauty Smokey ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 1CColor
Huda Beauty Warm Brown ObsessionsCColor Obsessed 2CColor
Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions: ChameleonW7 Jungle Colour: ToucanW7
Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions: JaguarW7 Jungle Colour: PantherW7
Huda Beauty Wild Obsessions: PythonW7 Jungle Colour: CrocodileW7
Jeffree Star Cosmetics AndrogynyCColor Unisex 3CColor
Jeffree Star Beauty KillerCColor Unisex 2CColor
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood LustCColor Purple RainCColor
Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blue BloodCColor Blue Sky (1)
Makeup Revolution Forever Flawless Ice (2)
CColor (1)
MR (2)
Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye ContourW7 Spaced OutMaquillalia, W7
Kevyn Aucoin Emphasize Eye Design: As Seen InW7 Amplify: UnmistakableW7
Kevyn Aucoin Emphasize Eye Design: FocusedW7 Amplify: KnockoutW7
Kevyn Aucoin Emphasize Eye Design: MagnifyW7 Amplify: DramaW7
Kevyn Aucoin Emphasize Eye Design: UnblinkingW7 Amplify: Power TripW7
Kylie Cosmetics Birthday (2018)CColor Birthday BlastCColor
Nabla Soul BloomingW7 EnchantedMaquillalia, W7
Natasha Denona BibaAlter Ego SaharaAlter Ego
Natasha Denona Bronze*Alter Ego CanyonAlter Ego
Natasha Denona Glam*Alter Ego Shadow Kiss (1)
Makeup Revolution Soft Focus* (2)
Alter Ego (1)
MR (2)
Natasha Denona GoldAlter Ego Goddess (1)
CColor Golden (2)
W7 24K Gold Rush (3)
Alter Ego (1)
CColor (2)
Notino, W7 (3)
Natasha Denona LilaWet n Wild V. I. Purple*Maquillalia, Notino
Natasha Denona Love*Alter Ego BloomsAlter Ego
Natasha Denona MetropolisAlter Ego ArtemisAlter Ego
Natasha Denona SafariCColor SavannaCColor
Natasha Denona Sunrise*Alter Ego AuroraAlter Ego
Natasha Denona TropicCColor Tropical (1)
Wet n Wild Stop Playing Safe* (2)
CColor (1)
Notino (2)
Pat McGrath Labs Mothership I SubliminalRevolution Pro Colour Focus Night & Day
Pat McGrath Labs. Mothership II SublimeRevolution Pro Colour Focus Earth and StoneMaquillalia, Notino
Too Faced Born This WayTechnic Cosmetics Exposed (1)
W7 Nudification (2)
Maquillalia, Technic (1)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop, W7 (2)
Too Faced Chocolate Bar*I Heart Revolution I Heart ChocolateMaquillalia, Notino
Too Faced CloverCColor FairytaleCColor
Too Faced Gingerbead SpiceCColor Fairytale 2 (1)
Technic Cosmetics Cinnamon Swirl (2)
CColor (1)
Maquillalia, Technic Cosmetics (2)
Too Faced Just Peachy MattesW7 Life’s a Peach Maquillalia, Notino
Too Faced Semi-sweet Chocolate BarI Heart Revolution Salted CaramelMaquillalia
Too Faced Sweet PeachI Heart Revolution Chocolate & PeachesMaquillalia, Notino
Urban Decay Born to RunCColor Around the WorldCColor
Urban Decay Naked CherryCColor Cherry (1)
Eveline Cosmetics Ruby Glamour (2)
CColor (1)
Notino (2)
Urban Decay Naked CyberTechnic Cosmetics Y2KTechnic Cosmetics
Urban Decay Naked HeatEveline Cosmetics Charming Mocha (1)
Makeup Revolution Reloaded Iconic Fever (2)
W7 Blazin’ (3)
Notino (1)
Beauty Bay (2)
Notino, W7 (3)
Urban Decay Naked Honey*W7 Queen Bee (1)
Wet n Wild Call me Sunshine (2)
Maquillalia, Notino, W7 (1)
Maquillalia, Boozyshop (2)
Urban Decay Naked ReloadedW7 Buff Take 2Boozyshop
Urban Decay Naked UltravioletEveline Cosmetics Mystic GalaxyNotino
Urban Decay Naked Wild WestW7 Howdy!Maquillalia, Boozyshop